Main Event
Oct 23-25

Every fall several hundred college students from around the Midwest converge for a weekend-long conference to be challenged with the Biblical reality of who Jesus is and what He’s calling us to do with our lives. We invite YOU to come with us this year as we travel join others in worshipping our mighty God!


Main Event will include Biblical teaching from guest speaker Drew Frazer, Christ-centered worship, fun, fellowship, and a sweet road trip to get there. How can you say no to that?

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What UNK students said about Main Event:

"This weekend really changed my heart.  It made me realize I still need to fully commit my life and heart to my Heavenly Father.  It really showed me what I'm struggling with and how I need to change.  Christianity is a lifestyle and I need to reflect that."

 "I was questioned and forced to think about my faith instead of simply having a blind faith --> I learned I need to think through my beliefs and understand why I believe them."  

"So very encouraging!  I really enjoyed the speaker and all of his messages.  Both of the workshops I attended were so relevant to my life, as well.  I have realized current areas of my life that I am withholding from God, and have been encouraged to give them over to God."