Summer Opportunties

In college you usually get three, at most four free summers to do whatever you want. How will you spend them? In the UNK Navigators our challenge is that you would consider investing your summer for the sake of “knowing Christ and making Him known.” What can you do with your summer that will most help you walk with Christ and influence others for Christ for the rest of your life? We think these are some good options:


Join 150 other college students from the Midwest in Jacksonville, FL to grow in your walk with God. While working a full-time summer job, you will have opportunity to grow in Bible study, evangelism, discipleship, prayer, fellowship, personal quiet times, and tons more. This STP (summer training program) is a spiritual greenhouse for growth! See for more details.

Summer IMpact Japan

The Navigators have 30+ countries where you can go and spend 2 weeks to 2 months of your summer coming alongside long-term Navigator missionaries to serve and support their work of reaching and discipling the nations. We at UNK have committed to partner with our brothers and sisters in Japan to reach one of the most modern, yet most unreached nations in the world. Join with other UNKers to spend six weeks building relationships, eating seafood, learning a little Japanese, and sharing Jesus with people who know virtually nothing about Him. See NavMissions or Summer Impact Japan for more details.