From Other Leaders & Parents...

"Without exception, I have found the individuals involved with the Navigators to be of outstanding character and to have a caring quality not found everywhere in the world today. I have found the Navigators to consistently and faithfully instill Biblical values and Christian morals in a very effective way. As a parent, I would be very proud to have my child involved with this fine ministry."

- Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Senior Senator - United States Senate
 “Close enough to comfort or confront, to replace self with Christ. That’s the stuff of which The Navigators are made. And that’s the stuff that changed my life.”
- Dr. Charles Swindoll, Insight for Living Bible Teacher, Chancellor of
Dallas Theological Seminary, and Senior Pastor of
Stonebriar Community Church – Frisco, TX
“…I’m indebted to The Navigators. They have had such a faithful ministry over the years. You always know that The Navigators do things right. You always know that their discipleship courses are biblically solid and that the people are well trained.”
- Chuck Colson, Founder & Chairman of Prison Fellowship
"Navigators have had a huge impact in my life; I gave my life to Christ in college and the witness of The Navigators and their dynamic materials have provided a great foundation for my Christian life. As the founder of FOCUS, The Navigator staff has been a great resource to me and to my staff as we too seek to reach a generation of young leaders with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
- Curtis Martin, Founder & President of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)
"My husband and I have been so pleased by our daughter's experience in Navigators at an Ivy League College. The weekly Navigator worship services, as well as the Christian friends she has met through these gatherings, have kept her Christian walk strong. We would recommend Navigators to any parent."
- Diane S. Passno, Executive Vice President of Focus on the Family
"Our son, Tim, became involved his freshman year with an organization called 'Navigators.' Who were the 'Navigators'? An obvious concern was 'cults.' Was this one? In due time, all of our concerns were alleviated. We have spent time with many of Tim's Navigator friends, and we have yet to find one we didn't like and/or admire."
- Bob and Susie Bastian, Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
"The older I get the more Scripture I want to know by heart. It's one of the best ways I know of to get ready to meet Jesus face to face. Scripture memory is one of the great strengths of the Navigators. The most influential teacher I ever had was deeply stamped by the Navs when he was in the Navy. That makes me a Nav grandchild. I love that Bible-saturated heritage."
- John Piper, Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church
“I am very thankful for the ministry that The Navigators have had in my life and ministry for the past 25 years.  Both their staff and their publications have enriched my life.  I am grateful for the privilege God has given me to minister to their staff on a number of occasions, and count it an honor to recommend them.”
- Dr. Mark L. Bailey, President of Dallas Theological Seminary
“I’m glad to say that our daughter was actively involved with The Navigators during her years in University.  Through the Bible studies and informal social interaction, she met other students who were serious about their faith and commitment to Christian priorities.  I see The Navigators as a rudder that helps students navigate their way through the unpredictable shoals of their college experience.  Great ministry.  Great impact.”
- Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Senior Pastor of The Moody Church, Chicago