Brandon grew up in small town Iowa - Redfield to be exact. This is where he wreaked havoc on the farm, with his siblings, and at school. He was a part of a church-going family, but he never understood that a relationship with Jesus was more than just fact. Brandon attended Iowa State to study Agronomy and came to know the Lord through the Navigators his sophomore year. He started to get individual help in his walk with the Lord, and almost immediately developed a heart for guys. He then transferred to Dordt College where he began investing in men's lives like he had experienced at Iowa State. It was there he met Ashley in band. After graduation, he joined staff at Iowa State and served there for two years.  

Ashley grew up in Center Point, Iowa as the middle child. She went to church multiple times a week and was generally a good kid at school. As she headed off to Dordt College, she had a shallow view of Christianity - mostly just going to Church and not doing really bad things. After seeing her friends impacted by being personally helped in their walk with the Lord, Ashley knew there was more than what she was experiencing in her walk. Ashley came on staff at Iowa State after graduation (and getting married) because of how impacted she was by the Navigators vision. Brandon & Ashley are so excited to be here in Kearney with the cool kids.