Bible Study

The basic foundation of what the Navigators are about is the Word of God. Dawson Trotman's motto, "To know Christ and to make Him known," finds its roots in the emphasis on knowing the Bible. This has characterized The Navigators from the start, so that many still think of The Navigators as a method of Scripture memory and Bible study. Helping people study, memorize, and apply the Word of God characterizes the work of Navigators as individuals and in our large group ministry. Application of God's Word in one’s life leads to the enthronement of Christ in the heart as Lord.
That is why we study the Word of God here at UNK. We feel that giving time and attention to God's Word is one of the highest forms of worship as believers.
Join us this semester for The Unseen Kingdom as we dig deep into the Scriptures to discover the hidden truths of the Kingdom of God and apply them to our lives! We have freshmen and upperclassmen groups that meet throughout the week. Contact us at to learn more and get connected!