"There are only two things here on earth that last forever, just two things. Many of you have probably heard this before but let's review it again,

---Two things last forever--- People's souls and the Word of God.
Those are the only two things here on earth that will last forever. I'm not a very brilliant man but at least I can figure this one out. If only two things last forever, two things that transcend history then I'm an idiot if I don't give myself to those two things. I can either invest myself in what will rot when I die,
---or--- I can invest my life in what will last forever.
The choice is mine. Vision is the ability to see that, but not only to see it but to be motivated by it, to let it grab you, to let it dictate every action of your life."
- Walt Henrichsen

The campus here at UNK gives us a great opportunity to heed Mr. Henrichsen's advice by investing our lives in what will last forever: peoples souls. As students come to the University, many are investigating what life is about and what 'truth' really is. There are many thousands of students who do not yet know Jesus as their personal savior and still many more thousands that have not ever had the chance to hear the Good News.
In Residence Halls, among Greeks, and off-campus - The UNK Navigators will be sharing the gospel of Christ, for the glory of God. We are excited to see what God is capable of doing in and through us as we trust him to use us to grow his Kingdom in our midst.  For specific tools to aid in personal evangelism, click on the "resources" tab at the left of the page.